Windows 8.1. Untouched ISO (X86 | x64) New Update

The latest update with new feature and the latest edition of this OS.Windows 8.1. Untouched ISO (X86 | x64) New Update is the original ISO without anything that has been changed, It really same with microsoft release. This edition already in 8.1 Edition, the most stable os 8 all of this time. Like what we said, this version is different with the previous that we post, Windows 8.1 Heavier Edition and 8.1 Untouched has the same basic system and edition, but really different in interface. Just choose which one more do you like.

Windows 8.1 Untouched ISO (x64) Cover

Windows 8.1.1 Untouched ISO Original Microsoft Edition

Compilation Date: 04.01.2014
Automated Installation : Yes
Category : Operating System
Author: Nishant (Reckons International Team) 

Windows 8.1 Untouched ISO (x64) Start Menu

Some Feature in this OS :
  • Show any running Metro apps in the taskbar as well.
  • The Start screen and Apps screen both provide context menus when you right-click with a mouse instead of using the Metro-style app bar as in Windows 8.0 and 8.1.
  • Newly installed apps no longer pin a tile to the Start screen. So in Update 1, there is now an app installed notification at the bottom left. You can tap this to jump to Apps and find the newly installed app.
  • Show More Apps option that bumps up the density of app icons.
  • There is now a PC Settings button on the Start screen by default so you can find this crucial interface more easily. (It was previously available in the Apps screen.)
  • There is now a Control Panel link in the navigation bar in PC Settings.
  • Metro apps – Mouse improvements. If you mouse up to the top of the screen in any Metro app, a black bar appears with a Close button (and in some cases, Minimize as well) on the right.
  • The SkyDrive tray icon is back! Sadly, icon emblems in the SkyDrive folder are still missing in action. 
  • The Start screen now sports prominent Search and Power Options buttons; the latter triggers a menu with power management (shut down, restart, etc.) options. 
  • A Store button is pinned to the taskbar by default and you can pin other Metro apps here of course. As expected, these apps simply run full screen.
Download Windows 8.1. Untouched ISO (X86 | x64) New Update

Serial Number (If Necessary)
  • Professional-x86: XHQ8N-C3MCJ-RQXB6-WCHYG-C9WKB
  • Professional-x64: MHF9N-XY6XB-WVXMC-BTDCT-MKKG7

Best OS for your best computer, stabel and faster that why you must use  Windows 8.1. Untouched ISO, get the best quality and high computer performance.

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Windows 8.1. Untouched ISO (X86 | x64) New Update

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